Fuck off, 2019

It's been a while, I admit that. But so much nothing has happened in between. We just had the first snow, at least for 15 minutes. All gone now again. But who cares anyway.
Crazy shit. Shit. Crazy. Shit. I like the word "shit". Fuck yeah, I like it. This is becoming way too stream of consciousness, I'm afraid. I'm getting old, my body is failing and falling apart, and everything sucks. Especially new year's eve. I hate it with a passion. I hated it as a kid and I hate it more every year. Except when I'm outside of Germany. But in Germany I can't stand it anymore. I want to kill all these fucking idiots out there with their fireworks. Shove it up their arse and light it up. Fist city. This year we tried to escape to the Mecklenburgische Seenplatte, but it was still horrible.

Even after so many years, I'm still disappointed with the Royal Air Force and the Americans that they did not finish the job back then. Should have exterminated the fucking Ger…

Berlin beaches ...

Well, sometimes life is full of surprises. We were hiking around the Berlin "Speckgürtel" the other weekend and stumbled upon the beautiful "Habermannsee". What a nice place!
I think I'm going to write to Lonely Planet so they can put it in their guidebook and next year hordes of people can "discover" this new party place and fuck it up, like the rest. Probably wouldn't happen, because the people of Kaulsdorf seem to have a shitload of money judging by the look of the mansions and the cars there, so they can buy off the police to actually do something about it. Probably have a superfascist Bürgerwehr, too, anyway. Nevermind, it's a beautiful area, easy to reach from central Berlin, with some nice walks for the dog left and right. Only downside is, way too many cyclists. ;-) Wooster enjoyed it A LOT! :-) And I regretted not bringing my camera, so these are just stupid smartphone pics, would've really been useful to have a proper lense and s…

Life, the Universe & Everything, again

Well. So. 7 games played into the new season. We all know how it's gonna end of course. Evil will always prevail. And we will enter a losing streak soon enough. But for the moment, we can sit back and enjoy the best start in years. And a rejuvenated Pizarro of course. :-) I like the way coach is leading the team. But the two lost points against Nuremberg still hurt, especially if you see their performances against Dortmund and Leipzig. Leipzig is such a disgusting shit firm. And of the course the whole "Europapokalränge" target is bullshit. There is simply no way a team like Bremen can ever reach these regions again. The maximum that can ever be achieved is rank 7 and that only if everything is perfect (which implies not losing two points to Nürnberg ...). The first ranks are set in stone for the big money clubs, Schalke, Bayern, Dortmund, Hoffenheim, Leipzig, Leverkusen. Then there's Gladbach, Hertha, and usually Wolfsburg, if they can get their act together. Simply…

I understand that time is running out

Let's make not the same mistakes folks did back in the 30s ... . Don't put up false hopes, things are not going to get better, they will only get worse. And the majority of Germans has a racist, fascist, and violent past, they were raised that way, and they will act that way. Don't fool yourselves with hoping that the "middle" or the "bourgeoisie" will gain ground again and continue the good old "Kapitalismus mit menschlichem Anlitz". That's not going to happen. Because fascism is the same as capitalism, it's the natural state it converges to when things get tougher. The years between 1950 - ca 2000 have been an exception, because of post-war boom and the existence of a credible alternative. Those days are gone forever and war is necessary for profits and companies to "rejuvenate" themselves. And war does not always mean physical conflict either, there's trade war and cyberwar, for example. And let's not forget that t…

1, 2, Pegizei

Natürlich ist es nett, dass es dieses Konzert in Schemnitz gibt usw. Und mir tun die wenigen netten Menschen dort auch sehr leid. Aber wir sollten realistisch bleiben. Das Ding ist durch in D-Land, die Nazis haben mal wieder gewonnen, Schemnitz ist da nur ein besonders hässlicher eitriger Pickel auf einem ohnehin schon schwer infizierten Körper ... . Also Fremdsprache lernen, Assets liquidieren und gucken, dass man noch rechtzeitig rauskommt. Gegen die Mischung aus Politik, Pegizei und SA kann man nicht gewinnen. Falls sich dieses Mal (hoffentlich) wieder jemand finden sollte, der Deutschland militärisch Einhalt gebietet - bitte macht nicht dieselben Fehler wie 1945. Arthur Harris statt Eisenhower und Morgenthau statt Marshall!

Generationenvertrag, up your arse

Momentan gibt es ja wieder einmal Diskussionen darüber, wie die Rentenkasse noch ein wenig aufgefüllt werden kann. Am besten natürlich dadurch, dass Selbständige zur Zahlung gezwungen werden, denn die sind keine signifikante Wählergruppe und haben keine Lobby.
Aber bleiben wir mal sachlich:
Die staatliche Rente hat viele Jahrzehnte gut funktioniert, weil wir mehr oder weniger Wirtschaftswachstum hatten und eine gut Demographiestruktur.Die staatliche Rente kann in Zukunft nur noch funktionieren, wenn sie steuerfinanziert wird, weil die demographische Struktur es gar nicht anders hergibt - es sei denn, Rente gibt es erst ab 75 oder 80 Jahren, auf sehr niedrigem Niveau und mit brutal hohen Beiträgen für die Einzahlenden in der Zukunft. Dann kann man es aber auch gleich lassen. Das ist relativ simple Mathematik.Die staatliche Rente in Deutschland ist ein sogenannter "Generationenvertrag" - wir zahlen heute Beiträge, um die Rente der jetzigen RenterInnen (inkl. Ossilanten) zu fina…

We came here to rock

I recently discovered that I've not made near enough 'positive' lists in the last couple of years. So time to take up this nice tradition again. Plus I'm spending too much time on the move and thus have far too much time to think about shit. ☺

So, let's start with a difficult easy one. A top twenty list of whole albums that are fucking amazing great wonderful fantastic, even today. And it must be the whole album, not just 2-3 songs on it. And they must have stood the test of time, that means be at least a few years old to make sure it's not just a short time love affair. Exceptions apply. And I'm always right and you're always wrong. What else. So these are albums I've been listening to a gazillion times and am still not tired of them. Some of them I had to buy twice because the vinyl was simply wrecked / thinned out after having been played a million times.

Chronological order.
Dead Kennedys: Fresh Fruit for Rotting VegetablesEric B. & Rakim…