Frankfurt Bookfair 2017

Home of the Nazis. Well, not unexpected really, since the Börsenverein is happy to take the money from disgusting publishers like Kopp Verlag. Good to know that the guest of honour 2018 will be "Deutsches Reich", as the new bookfair director Joseph. B. Höcke has recently announced.

In my bookfair microcosmos, I only became aware of all this the Monday after though. I had a wonderful fair, the weather was so nice and made everything really, really relaxed. Met lots of nice and interesting people over three days, fantastic food, old and new friends. Plus my panel about AI in Publishing on the Friday afternoon worked really well - capacity crowd, standing room only. :-)

OECD reception:

Dinner at Medici and Sardegna:

The usual poor, embarassing performance of Frankfurt Bookfair - no credit cards accepted, a website from the stone age, marketing for events not happening ... so still way to go, guys. We'll see whether they ever make it into the 21st century. I'm doubtful.

Broken Promises

So sorry. Tremendously sorry. Have broken my promise to blog more often again. But trying to make up for it now that the rainy season approaches. It's just that, ah, nevermind. So, last night we had quite a fantastic dinner at "Richard" (Köpenickerstr. 174, Kreuzberg). There's so many things I liked about it, they would never fit into a twitter feed. I'm not a twat, don't tweet, and have no limits here. The room, very nice, high ceilings, good light ... the service, attentive but unobtrusive at the same time ... the menu, well balanced and so happy to see that they offer a vegetarian menu by default, not just on request ... and the food of course, the food. THE FOOD. Excellent doesn't do it justice, outstanding is the right term, I guess. My special favorite was the butternut pumpking with passionfruit and topinambur and the parmesan pasta with egg yolk, mangold, and zucchini. Outstanding. Also the cheese selection, outstanding! :-) Didn't have breakf…

Random rants and ramblings, pt I

I rarely go to concerts these days. To many smokers around. The smoke itself is bad enough, just makes me feel sick. But the real problem is the aggression inside me. I have to stay away from these people because I have good reasons to assume that rather sooner than later I won't be able to control myself and BEAT THEM TO A BLOODY PULP. I admit that I often have these images in my head and I'm going through the scenes in slomo, that's when I usually leave the building before it becomes reality. While it would be a) justified, b) fun, and c) make the world a better place if I beat the living daylights out of a motherfucking smoker, it would also d) land me in jail. Which I would very much like to avoid. But if anybode invented a virus that killed all smokers, I'd be happy to help spread it. Fuck you. So, that is one of the reasons I don't go to too many concerts these days. The second reason is security or rather the amateurish security a lot of the bigger locations…

Ich frage deine Mutter, ob sie weiß, wie viel ein Kilo wiegt

Verliebt in Berlin hin oder her, wenn Fußball läuft, dann läuft immer Fußball. Momentan läuft aber kein Fußball. Und auch in Zukunft eher nicht, geht mir nämlich jedes Jahr mehr am Arsch vorbei. 
Dafür aber umso schönere Momente in den letzten Wochen, die ich genießen durfte. Hektoliterweise Regen, zwischendurch auch ein bisschen Sonne. Tolle Kunden und Geschäftspartner, die mir Geburtstagskuchen backen. Was will man mehr?
Mit dem Regen kamen auch die Gespenster, aber alle Fenster waren zu und sind mit Knoblauchsilikon und Silbernitrat abgedichtet, da kommt keiner rein. Glück gehabt.

Nach dem Regen kommt der Spaß. Mein Hund ist nämlich Jesus und kann über Wasser laufen. Kann dein Hund nicht.

It's extremely important to make sure your balls dry out propely after a day out in the wet wilderness. After all, you don't want to get any funghi down there. Ladies don't dig that. :-D

Dann war da ja noch die Sache mit dem Älterwerden. Lässt sich nicht vermeiden, im Kopf entwickel i…

Groundhog Day: Alle Raus!

Geh nach Haus und zünd' dich an!

Mehr fällt mir nicht mehr ein. Erst mal schafft der KackHSV es schon wieder, nicht abzusteigen. Und die DFL wird schon dafür sorgen, dass WOB die Relegation gewinnt, hat ja bisher noch immer geklappt. Und dann die eigene Versagertruppe ... unfassbar. Hätte Baumann mal besser den Vertrag mit Nouri nicht verlängert. Zeigt sich wieder einmal, wie charakterlos die Mannschaft ist. Keine Spannung mehr an den letzten drei Spieltagen, 13 Gegentore in drei Spielen, drei Niederlagen, das ist peinlich. Also nächstes Jahr mal wieder Abstiegskandidat Nummer 1. Ich könnte kotzen. Aaargh.

Bali & Singapore

Singapore Airlines, the bestest airline in the world, has launched a couple of new routes using their new A-350 and there were some niiiiiice ticket prices around for the inauguration. :-) So we hit the "book now" button and scored a nice short holiday, which we spent mostly in Bali and also a couple of days in Singapore.

We'd been to Bali before in 2015, but only for a few days. Back then, we stayed on the west coast near Seminyak. This time, we opted for the more quiet area of the east coast, north of Sanur. By chance I stumbled upon a small hotel/resort called "The Samata" which had a one-day discount deal. This was one of the rare instances where I actually was on the right website at the right time. So again, click "book now" and smile.

But first things first. Getting to Dusseldorf was the part I was most worried about, since Air Berlin is completely fucked up. I spent some extra money to move to the earliest flight and we got there in time. From…

Der Winterweizen

Im Mai ... kommt der Winterweizen. Was auch sonst?
Seriously, we were dead tired, having just stepped off a 14 hour flight from Singapore in the morning but this didn't stop us from finding our way to the Bi Nuu club in Kreuzberg to see the lovely John K. Samson & Co. It was well worth it, since we did not only get songs from Christine Fellows and John K. Samson, but also a lot of classics from the Weakerthans. So like a secret bonus level in this video game they call "real life". :-) What can I say? I've been a big fan of The Weakerthans since 1997. I still remember the day Marcus sent me the "Fallow" CD ... mindblowing ... an instant love affair. And then "Left and Leaving" which accompanied me through an difficult interesting time in my life ... . Even after hearing all those songs a gazillion times and then some and after seeing them live each night for three while on tour in 1999, I still wasn't tired of listening to their music.