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Easter Bunnys

Easter happened quite early this year. And we'd made the decision to go visit the good old British Empire for one last time, before they depart from this world and move to their own fantasy reality. :-D So, off to London on Friday, and of course it was raining. More or less all the time. But who cares? Because we had umbrellas and we're made of steel, not sugar. :-D

We spent Friday and much Sunday perusing records and bookstores, travelling all over London, as requested by the Reisebegleitung. Lovely breakfast at one of my Soho favourites, Cafe L'Eto. Very nice hot chocolate at the Dark Sugars Chocolate House in Brick Lane, great coffee at Climpson's Coffee Bar at Spitalfields Market and an Monmouth Coffee in Monmouth St and of course the lovel Department of Coffee and Social Affairs. The culinary main event was a visit to Ottolenghi at Spitalfields for a very extensive and super delicious Sunday breakfeast. Wonderful.

The main event was of course Saturday evening - th…

Year of the Dog, part II

Our last day in Singapore, a lazy start after the craziness of CNY celebrations the night before. Went for a walk and then to see Black Panther at the Shaw/Lido Imax. My favorite cinema in Singapore. And hey, we even got a secret super Marvel Black Panther medal with our tickets! So proud, so happy! :-) Plus fantastic ice-cream in front of the cinema, you couldn't wish for more.

Well, maybe you can. Wish for more, I mean. Like more general craziness in the streets, dogs everywhere. And the beastmaster in their midst, of course!

But it was the airport that topped everything again in terms of whacky displays of whatever.
There was this, what, dunno, "fairyland" you're seeing depicted below. No idea what's it about and why, but great fun for young and old. :-D

And last, but not least, praise where it is well deserved. Singapore Airlines, great business class product. Super comfortable seats, great service, great food. On time. Friendly. And super helpful, like the n…

A Rare Ray of Sunshine

Nach soooo langer Zeit gibt es endlich wieder einen leise glimmenden Hoffnungsschimmer. Der natürlich im Sommer gnadenlos verlöschen wird, aber freuen wir uns wenigstens über wenige Wochen mit weniger grausamen Fußball als sonst. Dank Florian Kohfeldt. Man muss es einfach mal so deutlich sagen. Der Mann ist gut und hat auch das nötige Glück bislang. Werder spielt wieder ansehnlich, holt sogar auch Punkte. Mit etwas Glück steigen wir dieses Jahr nicht ab, vor allem, weil Mainz, HSV, Köln so schlecht sind. Man muss sich aber keine Illusionen machen, in den nächsten Jahren wird es uns treffen, denn Werder ist auf Dauer halt nur maximal zweite Liga. Da werden noch ein paar Sponsorenclubs hochkommen, man beachte, wer bei der 50+1 Abstimmung dagegen votiert hat ... . Und auf Dauer kann ein Pleiteclub wie Werder da halt nicht mithalten. Diesen Sommer wird man wohl wieder Spieler verkaufen müssen und dann geht das Theater wieder von vorne los ... Panikverpflichtung am letzten Transfertag, sch…

Angel of Death - Infinity Wars, here I come!

Motherfucker. Singapore rocks. I even grew a pair of wings. Now I'm unstoppable and will join the Avengers to fight Thanos!!! #TeamCapForever

No suffering at all in Leiden

I have been fortunate enough in the last couple of months to be able to perform some work for a client in the Netherlands, in the beautiful small town of Leiden to be precise. I really consider myself lucky, because a) I enjoy working with the people there a lot and b) I otherwise would have never visited this little gem of a town between Amsterdam and The Hague. Obviously, I never write about my work, so this is purely about Leiden: Supernice town, great infrastructure, bikes rule the streets, nice cafes and restaurants. What more could you wish for? In summer, having dinner on one of the many canals rocks and in winter, well in winter you get great views, too, and a wonderful atmosphere. Highly recommendable is the wonderful Boutique Hotel D'Oude Morsch btw, great location, very nice rooms, comfortable, and super friendly staff.

Year of the Dog

We arrived at the right time, on (Chinese) New Year's Eve. That meant some of the eatery choices were a bit limited, but even on a day like this Singapore has to offer so much ... . So, we had a supernice breakfast at "Plentyfull" (Millenia Walk) and then another great lunch at "Sufood" (Raffles Mall Foodcourt, Level 2). I'd never even heard of Lion's Mane Mushrooms before, but it was quite exquisite together with the black pepper sauce. Second dessert downstairs at "The Coffee Academics", really nice decaf coffee and poppy seed cake. Yummy. Apart from that, the whole town just went crazy, we headed to Chinatown in the late afternoon/evening. It's the year of the dog and there was lampions and dog thingies everywhere, night markets, party, parade. Nice. Outside of Chinatown it was comparatively quiet, so nice, unobstructed view of the (relatively) old Fire Brigade building for example.

We stayed at the Fairmont hotel, which was a wise deci…